The suspender when you hold us!

La bretelle quand tu nous tiens!

Since the 1800s, suspenders have crossed the ages and the seasons with a single wrinkle, its history revisited and modernized by Mr Albert Thurston in 1822 takes them from the industrial world to the cozy salons of the whole world, from Paris to London in passing through New York, the little strap has come a long way, now it's a must have in the men's wardrobe. Ehhhh well we also thought of perpetuating this heritage and have refined a chic and luxury range which over time is expanding into ever more beautiful and fun models, our straps are with wide 3.5cm bands, colored or classic. You can wear them as a dandy with leather clip extensions, or simply in metal, you have a choice. Our suspenders are adjustable and make both modern and trendy gentlemen and ladies green with pleasure, in step with the times, ahhhh yes, everyone has their time and their fashion.

Ooooh suspender so timeless when you hold us… baaah yes the beautiful stories are repeated…

Oops we almost forgot, wear them with a bow tie and you will have a waoouhhh effect!!!


Un Printemps de Plus...
A Spring of More...

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