Cravate bleue violette à pois blancs unisexe en maille tressée

Blue Purple Tie With White Dots René Ducaud

Fr. 49.00
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Purple blue tie with white polka dots

A look that is too serious is deadly boring if a look that is too fanciful comes dangerously close to the vulgar. This purple blue tie with white polka dots has the advantage of being a double Neither... Neither... Neither too formal nor too fun, it can be used both in the evenings and in your daily business premises.

Classy tie

Let's start by putting on a light blue or white shirt, complete our look with a gray or blue jacket. And a purple blue tie with white polka dots around the neck to “tie” it all together.

René Ducaud tie

A V-neck sweater or a cardigan can replace the jacket depending on the "tone" of the events you are attending. And why not a pair of suspenders for a more festive and original look? One of many suggestions...

Braided knit tie

Made of braided knit, this tie does not crease easily, a significant advantage when you have to wear it all day.

  • Material: Braided mesh
  • Unisex model
  • Handmade tie for men
  • Color: purple blue with white polka dots